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Software installation

one of the most popular services of our SC “R-CONNECT” is software installation. The average user has minimal knowledge of installing and configuring any program on their computer or laptop. Most often, it is enough to run the installation file and the program will do everything itself, but problems still arise, especially for operating systems and specialized programs. If you do this incorrectly, you will definitely have problems with your computer. Our specialists are ready to install the software and configure it.

Professional software installation is the key to their proper operation

our service center installs licensed software. Work is performed on both home computers and corporate computers. We install any operating systems and office applications, mail services and players, drivers and special programs for business. You should not contact dubious specialists who promise you to do any work for a penny. The most insignificant consequence is the incorrect functioning of programs. R-CONNECT specialists will perform everything efficiently, quickly and with a guarantee. We will provide your computer with everything you need to solve your problems.

there are a wide variety of specialized programs that will never be useful for home use, but are extremely necessary for the effective work of certain departments of organizations, conducting research, developing drawings and diagrams, etc. Their installation differs from the standard software. Our masters are ready to configure almost any special software.

R-CONNECT offers affordable prices for software installation

installation of licensed SOFTWARE in our service center is performed at an affordable cost. Specialists will install the operating system, antivirus programs, various office applications, file managers, and much more in the shortest possible time. All employees have extensive experience. Without additional programs, any computer has almost no means for work, entertainment, or communication on the Internet. We will not only install all the software you need, but also configure it if necessary. The work takes from 30 minutes to several hours.

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