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Repair of LCD TVs

LCD TV repair

Failure of the LCD TV is always very unexpected and out of place. After all, we are used to this technique working at the touch of a button or click. It’s a shame when you can’t relax in the evening and watch a TV series or movie with the whole family. However, these devices also require maintenance from time to time at a service center. Specialists will conduct an expert examination and determine the cause of the problem. Our craftsmen have a solid experience in repair of LCD TVs in Voronezh, so please contact “R-connect”.

Next, we will look at the different types of problems that we are most often contacted with, and how not to lose sight of the first signs of failure.

prices for repair of LCD TVs from 800 rubles

service name Price, rubles Note
Diagnostics free
Firmware 800
Firmware on the programmer from 2500 the price depends on the TV’s diagonal and model
backlight repair (“there is sound, but no image” is more common”) from 2000 the price depends on the diagonal and the specifics of the breakdown
power supply repair (may appear as “not enabled”) from 2000 depends on the diagonal
Board repair (appears as “not enabled”) from 2000 the price depends on the diagonal and the specifics of the breakdown
matrix repair from 3000 the matrix can be repaired, and it is not always necessary to change it
replacing the matrix from 2000 the cost of work plus the price of the matrix from 4000 rubles

Types of LCD TV failures – matrix repair, Board replacement

TV repair price

The most common problems with LCD TVs are:

  • power problems;
  • matrix failure;
  • malfunction of individual matrix components;
  • matrix backlight malfunction;
  • motherboard failure;
  • defects in the control panel, component wear;
  • audio distortion;
  • loss of performance of the cooling system;
  • problems with the video processor, etc.

Each case is different, it happens that one failure in the chain leads to another, because the system of technology as a whole organism, operates on the principle of interconnections of all parts.

Samsung, LG, Philips LCD TV repair of different brands

Although every technical concern produces more and more advanced parts every year, this does not negate their characteristic small features that have the potential to cause damage. In such cases, repair of LCD TVs from an engineer in the official center will help save time and money. R-connect understands the specifics of each brand, so repairs are performed according to a pre-established algorithm.

Let’s take a closer look at typical failures of the most popular brands of LCD TVs:

  • Samsung – most masters identify one of the most common problems with this brand of models, namely, software firmware. Because of this, the TV can randomly turn off, slow down images, and freeze when switching channels. Often, the firmware causes the TV to restart every time it is turned on, which leads to new problems.
  • LG – TVs of this brand suffer from another “disease” – switching to automatic mode. The reasons lie in the incorrect operation of the processor. The first signs: the appearance of stripes on the screen (so you will have to change the capacitors), reset the settings (you will have to update the firmware).
  • Philips – devices of this brand can transmit images in a distorted form, the reason is incorrect operation of the chips. If the device does not respond to button presses, it has problems with memory or the remote control itself. Philips also has a weak screen brightness due to defects with the backlight.

Malfunction of the LCD TV matrix – repair or purchase a new one?

TV repair

The most difficult and difficult to repair failure is the failure of the matrix and its components. Sometimes the appeal to professionals is comparable with the purchase of a new model of TV. On the other hand, thanks to the free diagnostics in the center, you will immediately get a verdict – whether the repair will help, or it’s time to look for a replacement for the old one. Not all parts of the module can be found on sale.

Signs of the need to repair the LCD TV and its matrix

Let’s list the main features:

  • the appearance of “snow” in the image is a distortion that may occur due to incorrect operation of the cable, antenna, channel settings, or deeper – failure of the matrix and tuner;
  • flashing image – a problem with the backlight, most likely, it will have to be replaced, and you should also check the TV’s cooling system;
  • the appearance of stripes on the image – the module is broken by a line or frame scan, diagnostics are required in the center to determine the causes and effective repair;
  • the appearance of broken pixels in the matrix – black, colored bright dots – these are broken pixels that may not cause much discomfort for a while, but usually become more of them over time. in addition, they signal internal problems in the operation of the equipment, namely the matrix;
  • excessive color and brightness are firmware problems. most likely, it is incorrectly installed or completely flown off, so you need to reinstall higher-quality and fresh software;
  • if one of the colors disappears, there are problems with color blocks or video amplifiers, and a part needs to be replaced.
  • white screen – the absence of an image indicates the combustion of capacitors in the motherboard;
  • wide stripes on top of the image – you need to check the connection of the Board and the matrix, their integrity.

Need LCD TV repair? Then contact the “R-connect”.

Диагностикаот 500цена зависит от диагонали
Прошивкаот 800
Прошивка на программатореот 2500стоимость зависит от диагонали и модели телевизора
Ремонт подсветки (чаще проявляется «звук есть, а изображения нет»)от 2000цена зависит от диагонали и специфики поломки
Ремонт блока питания (может проявляться как «не включается»)от 2000зависит от диагонали
Ремонт платы (проявляется как «не включается»)от 2000цена зависит от диагонали и специфики поломки
Ремонт матрицыот 3000матрицу можно и отремонтировать, и не всегда есть необходимость ее менять
Замена матрицыот 2000стоимость работы плюс цена матрицы от 4000 рублей

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