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Service repair of SUPRA tablets

SUPRA tablet repairAny SUPRA tablet models are subject to various types of breakdowns. If any problem occurs, please contact our service center immediately. Specialists will perform diagnostics in a short time and accurately determine the cause of failure of your device.

Types of failures of SUPRA tablets to be repaired In R-connect»

Our service center masters often have to perform software repairs for SUPRA tablets.

It includes:

  • firmware;
  • saving existing data;
  • unblocking and some other work.

There are also various types of hardware failures. We are running:

  • replacing the display and sensor, case and back cover;
  • installing a new battery;
  • repair or install new speakers;
  • complex motherboard repairs;
  • replacing a failed processor, etc.

Repair of SUPRA tablets in the shortest possible time and with a quality guarantee

It is important for each of our clients to get a repaired tablet as quickly as possible. In most cases, R-CONNECT specialists perform urgent repairs that take no more than 2 hours. During this time, you can perform almost any work (change components, perform firmware). Only complex repairs of the motherboard and some other work are performed much longer. The wizard will immediately tell you the exact time frame after the diagnosis.

Our service center is equipped with all necessary equipment. If it is necessary to replace the elements, original components are used. This allows us to provide a long-term warranty for any completed repairs of SUPRA tablets. Any questions? Call the specified phone numbers.

Диагностика планшетного ПКбесплатно
Смена программного обеспечения (прошивка)от 1200
Восстановление загрузчикаот 1500
Русификация планшетаот 1200
Установка программыот 150
Создание аккаунтаот 500
Установка специализированного ПОдоговорная
Установка навигационного ПО (Navitel)от 600
Обновление карт для навигационного ПОот 800
Чистка от пылиот 1200
Замена платыот 1200
Ремонт антенныот 800
Замена/ремонт микрофонаот 800
Ремонт коннектора шлейфа платыот 800
Восстановление шлейфаот 1200
Замена разъема simот 1200
Ремонт разъема simот 1200
Замена аккумуляторной батареиот 1200
Восстановление аккумуляторной батареиот 800
Замена дисплеяот 1500
Замена дисплейного модуляот 1500
Ремонт корпусаот 800
Замена/ремонт кнопкиот 800
Замена разъема питанияот 1200
Ремонт модуля камерыот 800
Замена/ремонт динамикаот 800
Ремонт материнской платыот 2500
Ремонт планшета после попадания влагиот 2500

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