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ASUS tablet repair in Voronezh

Asus tablets favorably differ in a comfortable ratio of price and quality of the gadget. Compact computers have an ergonomic interface, they are practical and easy to use. The Asus tablet line includes models with various sets of technical characteristics. This allows the user to choose the model that will best meet their requirements.

Malfunctions of Asus tablets occur very rarely and in most cases are the result of careless use of the device or natural wear of elements. Factory defects are practically excluded. But whatever the cause of the failure, it is important for you to quickly restore the tablet’s functionality.

Asus tablet repair in Voronezh

Prices for Asus tablet repair in R-connect»

The cost of repairs in each case is calculated only after preliminary diagnostics of the health of all working systems of the tablet. Depending on the General condition of the gadget, a list of necessary activities is set, the price of which is determined in the price list of the service:


Services Price, rubles
tablet PC diagnostics free
software change (firmware) 800
Restoring the bootloader 1500
Tablet Russification 1200
installing the program 150
Creating an account 400
Installing specialized software contractual
installing navigation software (Navitel) 600
Updating maps for navigation software 800-1500
dust cleaning 1150
replacing the Board 1000
antenna repair 800
microphone replacement/repair 800
repair of the Board loop connector 800
Restoring the loop 1000
replacing the sim connector 1200
sim connector repair 800
replacing the battery 600-800
Battery recovery 500
replacing the display 1500
replacing the display module 1500
case repair 800
button replacement/repair 800
replacing the power connector 800
camera module repair 800
speaker replacement/repair 800
motherboard repair 800-2000
tablet Repair after getting wet from 1500

Asus tablet repair: breakdowns

the Most common breakdowns that users encounter are:

  • Mechanical damage to the display or touchscreen occurs as a result of non — compliance with the operating rules. As a rule, in such cases, a complete replacement of the affected module is required. To minimize the risk of scratches on the sensor surface, the tablet computer must always be carried in a protective case.
  • Failure of external connectors is associated with their frequent use. Each work item on a tablet computer has its own working resource, the end of which means that the part is worn out. The best solution in this situation is to replace the connector.
  • Ingress of moisture inside the case — failure of the tablet’s operating systems occurs within a few hours after flooding. In this case, an urgent repair of the computer hardware is required.
  • Failure of the operating system — due to the appearance of viruses or incorrect operation of the software. In some cases, you may need to reinstall the entire system.

Regardless of the nature of the reasons for the exact location and repair of the failure requires the participation of a qualified specialist. Otherwise, it increases the probability of aggravation of malfunctions up to the impossibility of recovery.

R-connect offers Voronezh residents a wide range of services for servicing and restoring the line of Asus tablet models. The list of procedures performed includes both hardware and software repairs.

Asus tablet repair

Advantages of Asus tablet repair in R-connect»

The service center employs experienced craftsmen who have proven qualifications and extensive experience. Every year, they take refresher courses to improve their skills. This allows the service center to guarantee high-quality service for all models of tablet computers manufactured by Asus. Other important advantages of the “R-connect” are:

  • Technological equipment — diagnostics, maintenance and repairs are carried out with the involvement of advanced technology in their field. Parts that cannot be repaired are replaced with analogs. Spare parts are purchased directly from the manufacturer.
  • customer focus — The ability to order urgent repair services. This means that the repair of your tablet computer is a priority.
  • warranty obligations — the center issues a certificate of repair for a period of 1 to 3 months, depending on the type of work.

To clarify the relevance of information on the services offered, please call the General hotline +7 (473) 264-72-72 or contact the service center directly, whose branch addresses are listed on the website.

Диагностика планшетного ПКбесплатно
Смена программного обеспечения (прошивка)от 1200
Восстановление загрузчикаот 1500
Русификация планшетаот 1200
Установка программыот 150
Создание аккаунтаот 500
Установка специализированного ПОдоговорная
Установка навигационного ПО (Navitel)от 600
Обновление карт для навигационного ПОот 800
Чистка от пылиот 1200
Замена платыот 1200
Ремонт антенныот 800
Замена/ремонт микрофонаот 800
Ремонт коннектора шлейфа платыот 800
Восстановление шлейфаот 1200
Замена разъема simот 1200
Ремонт разъема simот 1200
Замена аккумуляторной батареиот 1200
Восстановление аккумуляторной батареиот 800
Замена дисплеяот 1500
Замена дисплейного модуляот 1500
Ремонт корпусаот 800
Замена/ремонт кнопкиот 800
Замена разъема питанияот 1200
Ремонт модуля камерыот 800
Замена/ремонт динамикаот 800
Ремонт материнской платыот 2500
Ремонт планшета после попадания влагиот 2500

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