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Laptop motherboard repair in Voronezh

Laptop and personal computer motherboards differ primarily due to the overall difference between gadgets. Because of this, the laptop Board requires a tighter integration of work items that will be responsible for its functionality in the future.

The laptop Motherboard consists of two main structural elements:

  • North bridge (system controller) — responsible for the correct operation of the processor, memory, and video card.
  • South bridge (functional controller) — controls the operation of I / o systems: keyboards, cd/dvd drives , USB ports, etc.

Price of laptop motherboard repair in “R-connect»

For correct diagnostics, the service center specialist performs a mandatory health check of all major laptop systems. Using the data obtained, it makes a list of recommended events. The cost of each of them can be found in the public price list.

Repair Price, rubles
motherboard repair with replacement of Central components from 2200
motherboard repair after liquid flooding 3500-5000
replacing the motherboard 1600

When you need to repair the laptop motherboard

The laptop Motherboard may fail in the following cases:

  • Power outages — lead to a short circuit of the main contacts of the Board.
  • liquid flooding — requires quick recovery. Otherwise, the corrosion processes that have started can lead to a complete failure of the Board.
  • Overheating — occurs as a result of untimely cleaning of the cooling system from dust and dirt.
  • Mechanical damage — caused by the laptop falling on a hard surface.

The motherboard is one of the most important elements of a laptop due to the fact that it is involved in the operation of almost all its systems. Due to the complexity of the technical device, repairs should only be carried out by experienced professionals with the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and skills.

R-connect Service center offers all residents of Voronezh a full range of services for servicing and repairing laptops, including restoring or replacing the motherboard.

R-connect offers laptop motherboard repair: advantages of cooperation

The Service center specializes in providing professional repairs of high-tech equipment. Specialists regularly take advanced training courses to meet the highest standards in this field. This allows them to carry out high – quality repairs of various laptop models.

The service center’s resource base includes modern equipment and original spare parts in the required quantity. Thanks to this, you don’t need to wait for a new motherboard for several days – it will be installed in a few hours.

To find out more information about the service center’s services or make an appointment with a specialist, please call +7 (473) 264-72-72 or leave your contact details in the online application section on our website.

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