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HP laptop repair in Voronezh: «R-connect service center»

HP laptop Repair

Laptops are quite popular among Russian users, because it combines excellent technical characteristics, thoughtful design and reliability.

Laptops are divided into several lines:

  • HP – the most common, designed for a wide range of users: low-cost models that are characterized by high performance and powerful memory;
  • HP Pavilion – this line includes more than 10 series of laptops that have a sophisticated design and use advanced technologies.
  • HP Envy – provide high performance and easy operation.

HP also has a business model category:

  • HP ElitBook;
  • HP 200;
  • HP Probook 400;
  • HP Probook 600;
  • HP Folio.

Prices for HP laptop repair in R-connect»

Services Price, RUB Warranty
laptop diagnostics for subsequent repairs 0  
laptop diagnostics in case of failure to repair ??? 800  
Prevention of the cooling system with cleaning, lubrication and replacement of thermal paste for laptops of standard models 1200 12 months
Prevention of the cooling system with cleaning, lubrication and replacement of thermal paste for gaming laptops 2000 12 months
Recover forgotten passwords without disassembling your laptop 1300 14 days
Recovery of forgotten passwords with partial or complete disassembly of the laptop 2500 14 days
Recover forgotten passwords for boards where this action is not supported by the manufacturer from 3000 14 days
replacing the voltage Converter (BD Inverter) 1000 1 month
replacing the matrix loop 1200-2500 3 months
replacing the CMOS power supply battery 1000 3 months
replacing the keyboard 1000 6 months
Replacement of lamps of illumination of a matrix 2500-3200 3 months
Laptop backlight repair from 2500 3 months
replacing the matrix cover/parts of the matrix body 1300 3 months
replacing the matrix 1000-2600 6 months
Repair of matrix/parts of matrix From 1500 3 months
matrix replacement with installation of additional loops, firmware of microcontrollers, replacement of LCD with LED and Vice versa 3000 3 months
replacing the housing or parts of the housing 1000 3 months
replacing/installing HDD without disassembling laptop 550 3 months
HDD replacement/installation with laptop disassembly 1000 3 months
replacing/installing FDD/CD/DVD drives without disassembling the laptop 550 3 months
replacing/installing FDD/CD/DVD drives with laptop disassembly 1300 3 months
Cooling system repair 1500-3000 1 month
replacing the keyboard 1000 3 months
replacing the keyboard with the top case 1500 3 months
Repair of keyboard buttons 100/1kl 1 month
Keyboard repair after liquid ingress From 1500 1 month
Repair of the keyboard with built-in illumination after flooding from 2000 1 month
replacing the TouchPad 1000 3 months
TouchPad/manipulator repair 1500 1 month
Motherboard repair with replacement of Central components from 3000 1 month
replacing the video card/North/South bridge chip in standard laptop models 3500 3 months
replacing the video card/North/South bridge chip in a laptop of gaming models from 5000 3 months
Laptop motherboard repair after being flooded with liquid from 4000 1 month
Repair of the motherboard (AFTER A failed repair in another service) from 5000 3 months
replacing the motherboard From 1500 1 month
replacing the connector (without soldering) 1800-2300 1 month
connector replacement/repair (with soldering) 1800-2300 1 month
Flashing the BIOS password on a working laptop 1000 14 days
Restoring the BIOS on the programmer after damage 2600 14 days
Restoring the BIOS on the programmer after damage with recovery of serial numbers and keys from 3500 3 months
Installing a hard disk,SSD drive, and RAM in a guaranteed laptop while maintaining the warranty of the laptop 1000 3 months
Installing memory without disassembling the laptop 550 3 months
Installing memory with laptop disassembly 800 3 months

Typical HP laptop failures

HP laptop repair

The main causes of laptop Breakdowns include:

  • the laptop does not turn on – the reason may be that the laptop battery is dead, the power supply may also be faulty; the North bridge or the laptop’s video card is out of order; a short circuit on the motherboard;
  • there is no image on the laptop screen or the image is blinking – perhaps the reason is a malfunction of the matrix backlight or the matrix itself is out of order;
  • image problems – malfunction of the matrix loop or the matrix itself of the laptop, as well as the video card. Video card needs to be replaced;
  • the laptop is very hot – you need to clean and prevent the cooling system;
  • the laptop fan is humming – you need to clean the cooling system, replace or repair the fan.
  • the laptop can’t read discs – the laptop’s DVD-RW drive is faulty;
  • USB does not work;
  • the keyboard doesn’t work – the keyboard needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • no sound – no drivers installed; audio device disabled in the laptop system; audio codec failed;
  • does not play the video;
  • the laptop matrix is broken or there are spots on the matrix – replacing the laptop matrix;
  • Wi-Fi doesn’t work on the laptop – you need to install Wi-Fi drivers.

Laptop repair

HP laptop repair fast

Laptop breakdowns may vary depending on the model type. Most often there is dust accumulation, failure of the motherboard, lack of charge in the battery, problems with external connectors.

The R-connect service carries out a large number of repair and restoration works. In addition, our specialists effectively get rid of program failures: virus removal, OS reinstallation, etc.

When should I make repairs?

Computer equipment has a complex device, so even the most reliable laptops need to be repaired over time. Breakdowns can be of different nature. To determine them accurately, you need to consult a specialist.

R-connect service center offers comprehensive maintenance and repair of HP laptops of all models. The services offered include:

  • diagnostics;
  • repair/replacement of body parts;
  • repair/replacement of internal elements;
  • Troubleshooting software issues;
  • cleaning the cooling system;
  • installing a new matrix, etc.

Why should I contact R-connect?

HP laptop repair fast

Our service center has all the necessary equipment for laptop repair. The list of services includes:

  • diagnostics;
  • repair of components;
  • restoring the device after being flooded with liquid;
  • cleaning the system.

Depending on the nature of the failure, the company’s specialists can repair or replace the element. The service center has in stock the necessary number of original spare parts, which are purchased directly from the manufacturer.

The final cost of repairs is determined after diagnostics and depends on the complexity of the damage.

The service center provides a warranty for a period of 1 to 6 months, its term is set individually.

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