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DELL laptop repair in Voronezh

DELL laptop repair

DELL is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the global market. The company develops and maintains laptops, storage devices, and other network equipment. Products are popular in different countries due to their availability, wide range and reliability. Despite all its advantages, the equipment of this company can also fail. In this case, it is recommended to contact specialists.

In the R-connect service center, you will receive expert advice, diagnostics, and prompt laptop repair. Our service center specialists repair DELL laptops using professional equipment. R-connect also provides an urgent repair service, depending on the degree of damage.

Prices for DELL laptop repair – R-connect in Voronezh

Services Price, RUB Warranty
laptop diagnostics for subsequent repairs 0  
laptop diagnostics in case of failure to repair ??? 800  
Prevention of the cooling system with cleaning, lubrication and replacement of thermal paste for laptops of standard models 1200 12 months
Prevention of the cooling system with cleaning, lubrication and replacement of thermal paste for gaming laptops 2000 12 months
Recover forgotten passwords without disassembling your laptop 1300 14 days
Recovery of forgotten passwords with partial or complete disassembly of the laptop 2500 14 days
Recover forgotten passwords for boards where this action is not supported by the manufacturer from 3000 14 days
replacing the voltage Converter (BD Inverter) 1000 1 month
replacing the matrix loop 1200-2500 3 months
replacing the CMOS power supply battery 1000 3 months
replacing the keyboard 1000 6 months
Replacement of lamps of illumination of a matrix 2500-3200 3 months
Laptop backlight repair from 2500 3 months
replacing the matrix cover/parts of the matrix body 1300 3 months
replacing the matrix 1000-2600 6 months
Repair of matrix/parts of matrix From 1500 3 months
matrix replacement with installation of additional loops, firmware of microcontrollers, replacement of LCD with LED and Vice versa 3000 3 months
replacing the housing or parts of the housing 1000 3 months
replacing/installing HDD without disassembling laptop 550 3 months
HDD replacement/installation with laptop disassembly 1000 3 months
replacing/installing FDD/CD/DVD drives without disassembling the laptop 550 3 months
replacing/installing FDD/CD/DVD drives with laptop disassembly 1300 3 months
Cooling system repair 1500-3000 1 month
replacing the keyboard 1000 3 months
replacing the keyboard with the top case 1500 3 months
Repair of keyboard buttons 100/1kl 1 month
Keyboard repair after liquid ingress From 1500 1 month
Repair of the keyboard with built-in illumination after flooding from 2000 1 month
replacing the TouchPad 1000 3 months
TouchPad/manipulator repair 1500 1 month
Motherboard repair with replacement of Central components from 3000 1 month
replacing the video card/North/South bridge chip in standard laptop models 3500 3 months
replacing the video card/North/South bridge chip in a laptop of gaming models from 5000 3 months
Laptop motherboard repair after being flooded with liquid from 4000 1 month
Repair of the motherboard (AFTER A failed repair in another service) from 5000 3 months
replacing the motherboard From 1500 1 month
replacing the connector (without soldering) 1800-2300 1 month
connector replacement/repair (with soldering) 1800-2300 1 month
Flashing the BIOS password on a working laptop 1000 14 days
Restoring the BIOS on the programmer after damage 2600 14 days
Restoring the BIOS on the programmer after damage with recovery of serial numbers and keys from 3500 3 months
Installing a hard disk,SSD drive, and RAM in a guaranteed laptop while maintaining the warranty of the laptop 1000 3 months
Installing memory without disassembling the laptop 550 3 months
Installing memory with laptop disassembly 800 3 months

Service center repairs

DELL laptop repair

Laptops are considered the most popular product of DELL, and representatives of the Inspiration line were ahead of competitors in sales. But laptops also require repairs, which starts with a diagnostic that allows you to determine the exact cause of the failure. After our service specialist repairs the equipment, he makes a second diagnosis.

The main reasons for laptop repairs include:

  • careless handling of the device;
  • non-compliance with operating rules;
  • laptop crash;
  • getting wet;
  • SOFTWARE failure;
  • overheating;
  • non-compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • natural wear of spare parts.

DELL laptop repair: main types

DELL laptop repair fast

often owners of laptops of this brand face the following problems:

  • the laptop does not turn on – the reason lies in a hardware failure of the device (due to a fall, a strong impact, damage to the motherboard, or a malfunction of the video card). Only a specialist can determine these causes using diagnostics;
  • not charging – this problem may occur due to damage to the external power supply, connector, failed controller, power failure, natural battery wear, etc.;
  • the laptop does not see USB the cause of failure can be treated with the connector, and the operating system failure, viruses, driver problems or BIOS;

  • the buttons do not work – such damage can be caused by liquid spilled on an open laptop, which leads to “sticking” of the buttons (if the drink was sweet), as well as to oxidation or contact closure. A number of other reasons can also lead to key breakage, which will help you determine in the R-connect service center;
  • replacing the hard drive – the failure can be caused by careless operation, water or other liquid on the laptop, poor cooling, factory failure, and a number of other reasons. To determine the exact cause, contact the service center.

Recommendations for using a laptop

DELL laptop repair reliably

In order to minimize the risk of laptop damage, experts advise you to pay attention to:

  • workplace organization – it is not recommended to put the laptop on your lap or on a pile surface, because the device’s ventilation holes are closed. You can only install the laptop on a hard surface.
    In addition, it is not recommended to put glasses with any liquid near the device, because one awkward movement can lead to spilling it on the laptop;
  • moving – the laptop must be carried in a special bag with protection from mechanical damage. It is desirable to open the lid by holding it in the center – this way the matrix kinks are excluded. It is recommended not to leave any foreign objects on the keyboard, because you may forget about them and closing the cover may lead to a broken screen;
  • street – acceptable temperature range in which you can use a laptop – +5…+30oC. At high temperatures, the laptop can not cope with heating, which can lead to overheating of the device. Low temperatures may cause the battery and matrix to malfunction.
  • proper power supply – in order to protect the network adapter, it is advisable to use surge protectors or stabilizers.
  • laptop care – it is recommended to use special cleaning cloths and tools to clean the matrix and case. Approximately several times a year, the laptop must be taken to a service center for cleaning.

R-connect service center: advantages

“R-connect” is:

  • restore DELL laptops of any model range;
  • replacement/repair of both external and internal components;
  • original spare parts that are purchased directly from the manufacturer;
  • warranty period from 1 to 6 months;
  • minimum working time.

The service center has almost all the components that are required for repairs of any complexity.

Диагностика ноутбука при последующем ремонте0-
Диагностика ноутбука при отказе от ремонта800-
Профилактика системы охлаждения с чисткой, смазкой и заменой термопасты для ноутбуков стандартных моделей120012 мес
Профилактика системы охлаждения с чисткой, смазкой и заменой термопасты для игровых ноутбуков200012 мес
Восстановление забытых паролей без разборки ноутбукаот 130014 дн
Восстановление забытых паролей с частичной или полной разборкой ноутбукаот 250014 дн
Восстановление забытых паролей для плат, где это действие не поддерживается производителемот 300014 дн
Замена преобразователя напряжения (BD Inverter)от 10001 мес
Замена шлейфа матрицыот 1200-25003 мес
Замена батареи питания CMOSот 10003 мес
Замена ламп подсветки матрицыот 2500-32003 мес
Ремонт подсветки ноутбукаот 25003 мес
Замена крышки матрицы/частей корпуса матрицыот 13003 мес
Замена матрицыот 1000-26006 мес
Ремонт матрицы/частей матрицыот 15003 мес
Замена матрицы с установкой доп.шлейфов, прошивкой микроконтроллеров, заменой LCD на LED и наоборотот 30003 мес
Замена корпуса или отдельных частей корпусаот 10003 мес
Замена/установка HDD без разборки ноутбукаот 5503 мес
Замена/установка HDD с разборкой ноутбукаот 10003 мес
Замена/установка приводов FDD/CD/DVD без разборки ноутбукаот 5503 мес
Замена/установка приводов FDD/CD/DVD с разборкой ноутбукаот 13003 мес
Ремонт системы охлажденияот 1500-30001 мес
Замена клавиатурыот 10003 мес
Замена клавиатуры вместе с топ-кейсомот 15003 мес
Ремонт кнопок клавиатурыот 100/1кл1 мес
Ремонт клавиатуры после попадания жидкостиот 15001 мес
Ремонт клавиатуры со встроенной подсветкой после залитияот 20001 мес
Замена TouchPadот 10003 мес
Ремонт TouchPad/манипулятораот 15001 мес
Ремонт материнской платы с заменой центральных компонентовот 30001 мес
Замена чипа видеокарты/северного/южного моста в ноутбуке стандартных моделейот 35003 мес
Замена чипа видеокарты/северного/южного моста в ноутбуке игровых моделейот 50003 мес
Ремонт материнской платы ноутбука после залития жидкостьюот 40001 мес
Ремонт материнской платы (ПОСЛЕ НЕУДАЧНОГО РЕМОНТА в др. сервисе)от 50003 мес
Замена материнской платыот 15001 мес
Замена разъема (без пайки)от 18001 мес
Замена/ремонт разъема (с пайкой)от 18001 мес
Прошивка пароля BIOS на исправном ноутбукеот 100014 дн
Восстановление BIOS на программаторе после поврежденияот 260014 дн
Восстановление BIOS на программаторе после повреждения с восстановлением серийных номеров и ключейот 35003 мес
Установка Ж.диска,SSD накопителя, Оперативной Памяти в гарантийный ноутбук с сохранением гарантийности ноутбука20003 мес
Установка памяти без разборки ноутбукаот 5503 мес
Установка памяти с разборкой ноутбукаот 8003 мес

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