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Repair of the Navitel GPS Navigator in Voronezh: "R-Connect»

Repair GPS Navigator Navitel

the GPS Navigator is a complex technical device that receives signals from GPS satellites and calculates the location helps to navigate the terrain, according to data on the level of congestion on the road is the most convenient route for transportation, provides data on the speed and availability of fuel in the tank. Navigator is an indispensable companion for any trip.

for the purpose of use, navigators can be:

  • class;
  • automotive;
  • marine;
  • the aviation.

Navitel Navigators are among the best in Russia. In a large city, you can’t do without a GPS Navigator. Regardless of the cause of the damage, we always strive to find a solution to the problem.

Features of the Navitel navigation system

Navitel is Pre-installed on most navigators. Navitel can also be installed on most smartphones. Navitel includes a navigation program and map data.

Navitel can only be installed on one device, but it can be re-registered to any other device three times.

Navitel can display the map in both standard and panoramic mode. Buildings are shown on the map without taking into account their number of storeys. In panoramic mode, tunnels and multi – level interchanges are shown visually, while in standard mode, tunnels are highlighted in color.

repair of Navitel GPS navigators

when viewing the map, you can rotate And zoom it. While the car is moving, the map scale may change, showing the image in detail at low speed and zooming out as the speed increases. You can also set automatic zoom adjustment (minimum and maximum). The Navigator can warn you when you are speeding or approaching a speed camera.

voice prompt settings allow you to select the voice itself, configure the warning time, and configure the device’s audio subsystem.

the most common problems with navigators

despite the high level of reliability and performance, like the rest of the equipment, navigators tend to fail. This is often due to improper operation, damage, and poor-quality factory Assembly.

the most Common causes of Navigator failures include:

repair GPS navigators Navitel quality

  • damage to the USB system connector – occurs due to heavy use of the Navigator.
  • sensor glass malfunction – most often this problem is caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, as well as damage to the controller, which is responsible for the perception of signals transmitted from the touch glass;
  • display damage – the display itself is fragile for navigators, so this failure is quite common;
  • software errors – you need to update the SOFTWARE, install the latest version of the licensed card, or restore the system firmware.
  • there is no connection to the satellite – this failure can be caused by several reasons. A common cause of this problem is the failure of the GPS module. To identify a specific cause, you need to send the Navigator for diagnostics.

Navigator repair in the R-connect service center»

repair GPS navigators Navitel quickly

You have a broken Navigator? Stopped to see the satellites? The R-connect service center repairs the Navitel GPS Navigator. High quality repairs and restoration of the original consumer properties are provided by such factors as:

  • qualified specialists;
  • professional equipment;
  • high-quality original spare parts;
  • extensive experience in this area.

We repair navigators using original components that we order directly from manufacturers: touchscreen, case, display, etc. We will install the parts that are designed specifically for your model.

in addition, we use high-tech equipment and consumables that meet international quality standards. Our employees regularly undergo professional development.

Why choose “R-connect”?

if your Navigator has problems, we Recommend that you take it for diagnostics. This will identify all the problems and avoid the appearance of larger breakdowns. If there is damage, our qualified employees will make professional repairs, the quality of which we confirm with a guarantee for a period of 1 to 6 months, depending on the type of damage.

We offer affordable repair costs for the Navitel GPS Navigator. You can see the prices in the price list, which we offer each R-connect client to read.

to clarify the information you are Interested in, call the number listed on the site or leave a request.

Диагностика навигаторабесплатно
Замена сенсора/дисплея навигатораот 1000
Замена/ремонт разъемов навигатораот 800
Установка и обновление карт на GPS навигаторот 600
Обновление навигационного ПО навигатораот 500
Восстановление АКБот 500
Замена АКБот 1000
Замена динамиков/микрофонаот 800
Ремонт материнской платыот 1200
Прошивка навигатораот 600
Ремонт кнопкиот 800

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