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Repair of candy bars

repair of IMac monoblocks

All-In-One PCs or monoblocks are becoming more and more popular among consumers of technical innovations. There are several reasons for the growing demand: the devices are more comfortable to use than PCs or laptops, are more functional, and impress with their visual capabilities. In fact, this is a computer and audio system placed in a small case. They look like a TV, which is very convenient for graphic designers and others. Given the design features, there are also certain difficulties in maintenance. Repair of monoblocks in Voronezh – this is the profile of The p-connect service center. We will perform diagnostics and help you solve the problem and find suitable spare parts from the manufacturer.

price of monoblock repair in our center

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Signs that the candy bar is required to repair the system

in this world there is nothing perfect, this postulate applies even to modern multifunctional equipment. Sooner or later, perhaps immediately after an incorrect installation, breakdowns begin. As a rule, customers contact us with the following complaints: there was a loud noise at work, the monoblock began to turn off abruptly, slow down and hang, does not work, although the day before nothing foreshadowed trouble.

let’s look at the reasons for such situations below:

  1. The appearance of a black screen-the image may be missing, however, you can hear the sound of the device indication, which means that the equipment is turned on. Possible cause of the defect is loss of performance of the video card or, for example, detachment of the device display cable. Also, if you only hear audio signals, but the download does not go beyond that, sometimes you need to replace the motherboard, power supply unit or circuit. Less often than – other desktop components, which ones – diagnostics will show in the service center.  
  2. Loss of touch screen sensitivity repair of monoblocks with similar “bugs” is also very common, followed by a complete replacement of the sensor.
  3. The blue screen, or the ” screen of death,”as it is popularly called. Despite the name, it’s not so bad. The problem can be solved by restoring the hard disk at the software level. And sometimes you need a major replacement, which is also a task for an engineer with experience.
  4. Randomly shutting down and restarting the device-once it interfered with everyone, while working, and it doesn’t matter if you were dealing with a PC, laptop or monoblock. Most often, such a breakdown occurs due to overheating of parts of the device (for example, the video card, memory, the processor itself, etc.). The best solution is to clean the equipment carefully from dust and replace the thermal paste.
  5. The device system does not see the hard drive or does not identify the drive-this indicates a defect in the South bridge, it will have to be replaced.
  6. The drive stopped working – as in the previous case, only replacing it with a new one will help.

freezes very much, the monoblock does not turn on – repair when overheating

monoblock repair

behind all this list of problems there is one reason, quite prosaic-overheating of the equipment. It can happen due to a long period of use and obsolescence, improper operation without periodic cleaning, or factory defects. When the video card or processor overheats, their “painful” state is passed along the chain to other structural parts. After all, any technical device can be compared to an organism that is one, and everything inside it is interconnected. Overheating of electronics logically leads to instability in the operation of the monoblock, loss of power and functionality. As we mentioned above, cleaning can be one of the ways to solve the problem, but only if the damage is not too serious. There are some dirt that can only be cleaned when the computer is disassembled.

You can clean the monoblock yourself by carefully vacuuming all its holes and crevices in low mode. If it does not work after that, it is better to contact the specialists in the service center. They will thoroughly work on the cleanliness and operation of all structural parts, and replace parts if necessary.

Contacting the master with monoblock repairs – saving money

in General, in case of any hardware failure, you should not undertake repairs and cleaning yourself. unprofessional actions can damage some parts of the system. You risk bringing the case to an overhaul or buying a new device.

another «sharp edge» repair of this device – quality parts are very difficult to find. However, in our service center, we will pick up everything you need and order, if necessary, a new drive, cable, hard drive, body parts and more.

thanks to technical equipment, new equipment and continuous professional development, our employees can work with models of monoblocks of different brands. Contact R-connect, we will take care of all your gadgets.


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