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Honor phone repair in Voronezh: authorized service center "R-connect"

phone repair Honor

Honor is a line of smartphones that belongs to the Chinese company Huawei Technologies.The company also produces laptops, headphones and other accessories for young consumers.

This line of smartphones was formed in 2013. Today, Honor offers a large number of smartphone models with various technical characteristics.
Despite the fact that the company is constantly improving safety standards, the device continues to be subject to breakdowns. The most vulnerable part of the phone is the screen.

The most frequent breakdowns of the Honor phone

Modern phone models are multifunctional – they allow you to create photos and record videos, use applications for work, navigation, and much more.

All this also leads to too much load, heating of parts, which can cause Problems. Also, a careless attitude to it or an active lifestyle can lead to damage to the smartphone.

Many owners sooner or later face the need to give the device for repair. There can be many reasons for this. Specialists of the authorized service center Honor “R-connect” are ready to eliminate the breakdown of any complexity:

  • replace the screen or case;
  • clean the contacts from the liquid that got inside;
  • get rid of sound distortion that is associated with the microphone or speaker;
  • get rid of phone freezes;
  • fix SOFTWARE failures;
  • repair the power connector, etc.

Smartphone repair is carried out in several stages: Troubleshooting – search for spare parts in stock – repair of the device itself.

Smartphone diagnostics

repair of Honor brand phones

Smartphone repair is carried out by our employees in a specialized room where modern equipment is installed, which allows you to make high-quality phone repairs.

When you receive a smartphone, a specialist performs a full diagnosis of it in order to understand what service it should provide. Next, the phone is repaired Honor. After the repair, the smartphone is additionally diagnosed to identify defects that may occur in the future.

    Replacing the screen with Honor

    Replacing the screen on an Honor smartphone is a fairly common problem. As a rule, it appears due to the fact that if the phone falls out of your hands, the glass or touchscreen may get mechanical damage.

    Among the main display failures are:

    • cracks – appear after falling on a hard surface; this can lead to expansion;
    • image distortion – occurs due to failure of the display module or lack of contact between the processor and the screen.
    • dim illumination – due to a malfunction of the LEDs;
    • changing program characteristics – entering incorrect parameters leads to a decrease in the color rendering quality.

    phone repair Honor quality

    Replacing the display on smartphones is a rather time-consuming process that should only be performed by a specialist with the necessary qualifications and access to special equipment.

    Since 2014, the company’s screen installation method has changed. Honor began to bet on compactness, strength and moisture protection, so they began to paste the display using special compositions. Therefore, to replace the screen, you must use equipment that only authorized service centers have.

    Only specialists can get rid of all screen malfunctions. Service center “R-connect” offers the services of qualified specialists who will repair the line of smartphones Honor.

    We recommend that you contact an authorized service center to replace the display, glass, and other screen problems for quality work.

    4 reasons to contact R-connect»

    The service center has everything you need for professional repairs:

    • experienced employees – specialists of the company regularly undergo professional development, which allows them to eliminate breakdowns of any level of complexity;
    • modern equipment – equipment used by specialists meets all quality standards;
    • warehouse capabilities – we only purchase original spare parts from the manufacturer in the required quantity;
    • quality work – we provide a guarantee for the maintenance of all smartphones for a period of 1 month to six months.

    You can find out more information or Make an appointment with a specialist by calling the phone number listed on the website or leaving your contact information in a special form.

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