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Home » Phone repair » Replacing the speakers in your phone

The speakers on your phone don't work?

The Speaker is one of the most important components of a cell phone. Problems with its operation can make it almost impossible to use the gadget. To understand that the speaker is not functioning correctly, you can use the following symptoms:

  • audio playback on the phone is partial or completely absent;
  • presence of extraneous noise;
  • no communication with the other person.

Speaker repair features

A speaker malfunction can be caused by various factors, which include:

  • mechanical damage;
  • waste or break of supply loops;
  • ingress of debris and dust inside the enclosure;
  • software crashes.

Replacing the speaker is a time-consuming procedure that requires the performer to have skills, tools, and suitable spare parts. Based on this, the best option in the event of a breakdown of the speaker will be to contact specialists in the service center.

R-connect offers Voronezh residents professional services for repairing and restoring mobile phones.

Price of replacing the speakers in the phone

The service center specialists perform functional diagnostics of all major phone systems. This is done in order to:

  • make sure that the failure is directly related to the speakers;
  • evaluate the overall condition of the gadget and determine whether it can be replaced.

Based on the information received, the total cost of repair and restoration work is displayed. General prices are in the following range:

Repair product price category (*Prices are shown without the cost of spare parts. The final cost is determined after the diagnosis. The cost of repairs is always agreed with the client. Repairs are not performed without the client’s consent.)
up to 5,000 rubles. 5 000 – 10 000 p. from 10,000 rubles.
replacing the speaker 600 600 600

High-quality replacement of phone speakers in Voronezh

“R-connect” guarantees high quality of work performed at every stage. This is achieved by:

  • employee professionalism;
  • use only original components that are supplied directly from the manufacturer;
  • attracting modern diagnostic and repair equipment.

These factors allow you to repair various phone models that are produced by leading manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, the service center provides a warranty of 1 to 3 months for the repaired gadget.

You Can make an appointment with a specialist or get professional advice by calling +7 (473) 264-72-72 or leave a request via the feedback form on our website.

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