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Repair of Xiaomi smartphones

xiaomi smartphone repair

Smartphones of the Chinese company Xiaomi quickly captured the market and gained recognition among a wide audience, debunking myths about low-quality goods from China. With a fairly affordable price of models, the development of this manufacturer can compete in functionality and reliability with the giants of the industry, putting up a higher price tag. Therefore, the popular love for Chinese phones is quite due. However, they, like any device, have their own vulnerabilities. Repair of smartphones Xiaomi in Voronezh is carried out by an authorized service center “R-connect”. Our staff consists of experienced personnel with the necessary qualifications, certificates and education. We will perform a quick diagnostic and return the phone back to the system in a short time.

Free Xiaomi smartphone diagnostics and repair – prices

service Name Service cost (prices are shown without the cost of spare parts, please specify the cost of spare parts) Warranty
Diagnostics free
Changing the mobile phone software (firmware)* depends on the model from 600 to 2000 rubles 60 days
Restoring the bootloader 1500 rubles 60 days
dust cleaning under the task screen/display 800-1500 rubles 30 days
replacing the back cover 600 rubles 60 days
replacing parts 1000 rubles 60 days
microphone Replacement/repair from 800 rubles 60 days
repair of the circuit Board connector from 1200 rubles 60 days
Restoring the loop from 1000 rubles 60 days
replacing the sim connector from 1200 rubles 60 days
replacing the battery from 600 rubles 60 days
The restoration of the battery 500 rubles 30 days
Replacing the touchscreen 1200 rubles 30 days
Replacing the display module 1500 rubles 60 days
case Replacement 500-1000 rubles 60 days
case Repair 300-1000 rubles 60 days
button Replacement/repair 800 rubles 30 days
replacement/repair of the connector with partial disassembly 1200 rubles 30 days
replacement/repair of the connector with complete disassembly, pasting, sizing replacement 1500 rubles 30 days
Replacement / repair of the camera module with full device layout from 1000 rubles 60 days
speaker Replacement/repair from 600 rubles 60 days
mobile phone motherboard Repair* 1500-2000 rubles 60 days
Repair of a flooded mobile phone* 1500-3000 rubles 30 days

The cost of repairs depends on the extent of the failure. Our specialists will conduct free diagnostics, tell you about its results and offer several options for Troubleshooting. You can find out more about this by phone or directly from the repairman.

The most common breakdowns of Xiaomi smartphones

Most often we are contacted with the following types of breakdowns:

  • screen replacement;
  • replacing the battery;
  • repair after incorrect software installation;
  • speaker repair;
  • case replacement;
  • Troubleshooting other technical problems.

One of the typical problems with this gadget lies not in the phone itself, but in Its charger. It is attached by soldering to the connector. After some time of intensive use, the soldering may move away from the loop. As a result, the battery collects charge more slowly, or does not accumulate it at all.

Please note that this failure is the result of improper operation of the phone. The charging socket is of high enough quality, but careless handling can ruin everything, even good equipment. Therefore, we recommend carefully connecting the phone, taking into account all its small parts and connectors. This will help you save not only nerves, but also money.

Software problems with Xiaomi – interface repair

Xiaomi smartphone diagnostics

The problem of incorrect operation of the software is also one of the vulnerabilities of the Xiaomi smartphone, repair in this case is also a task for the engineer.

Signs of SOFTWARE malfunction:

  • the phone stopped turning on;
  • when connected to a PC, the two devices cannot identify each other;
  • slow launch of applications, etc.

In some cases, a complete reinstallation of the SOFTWARE is required.

The Reasons that cause problems with the interface and programs can be caused by anything. For example, incorrect installation of one program, getting a virus, “hang” of the factory program shell of the smartphone, etc. Xiaomi, like any other phone, has its own “brand features” that are clear to an experienced specialist. At the authorized P-connect center, wizards will help you solve problems related to the operation of programs.

Replacing the screen of the Xiaomi smartphone and the back cover of the case

Replacing the screen and case is something that is familiar to every smartphone owner, including Xiaomi. A lot depends on the phone model, the surface it fell on, or the liquid. If after the occurrence of microcracks, the gadget works in the usual mode, then do not rush to rejoice. Perhaps, over time, damage to the chips will make itself felt. For example, this is how lights appear on the screen, small white spots. At first, they interfere only visually, but may increase and eventually lead to a complete shutdown of the device. When to change the screen – it’s up to the owner, but we advise you to do it at the first sign of such spots.

Customers often contact us with a breakdown of the polyphonic components that are responsible for the operation of the phone’s audio system. The signs that the speaker needs repair are as follows:

xiaomi smartphone repair price

  • missing or interrupting sounds;
  • distortion of music and voice sounds;
  • the appearance of an echo, crackling.

The Battery may also become unusable over time if the device is used intensively, especially if the phone is not turned off all day and is actively used. Therefore, we recommend that you sometimes give your mobile devices a break.

It also happens that there are invisible mechanical damages that interfere with the correct operation of the phone. In such cases, diagnosis, analysis of the device in the workshop, inspection of parts, cables, connectors, circuits, matrices, etc. We analyze and test devices on engineering equipment that allows us to find the cause of the problem, localize it and fix it in a short time. Such privileges are denied to small workshops where all phones are repaired with one set of tools.  

Most service centers charge for diagnostics, «P-connect» – only for repairs made. At the same time, you can consult with the master and discuss the options that are most suitable for your budget.

Смена ПОот 1200
Восстановление загрузчикаот 2000
Чистка тачскрина/дисплея от пылиот 1500
Замена задней крышкиот 1200
Замена платыот 1200
Ремонт антенныот 1200
Замена/ремонт микрофонаот 600
Ремонт коннектора шлейфа материнской платыот 800
Восстановление шлейфа материнской платыот 1000
Замена разъема simот 2000
Замена АКБот 600
Восстановление АКБот 800
Замена тачскринаот 1500
Замена дисплеяот 1500
Замена дисплейного модуляот 1500
Замена корпусаот 1000
Ремонт корпусаот 600
Замена/ремонт кнопкиот 600
Замена/ремонт разъемаот 1200
Ремонт модуля камерыот 1200
Замена/ремонт динамикаот 800
Ремонт материнской платыот 3000
Ремонт телефона, попавшего в водуот 3000

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