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Lenovo phone repair

Lenovo Corporation specializes in the production of various computer equipment. The brand line of smartphones occupies a leading position in the market in terms of reliability and functionality. The model range is very diverse and is regularly updated with more advanced new products. Users all over the world appreciate Lenovo phones for:

  • powerful processor;
  • high quality of materials used;
  • the ergonomic design.
  • the most user-friendly interface;
  • long term of working resource development.

Lenovo phone repair in Voronezh

Lenovo phone repair in Voronezh

The reasons that lead to phone failure may be different. In particular, this may be the result of natural wear and tear of parts or non-compliance with operational standards, but it may also be the result of failure of the main chips. In such cases, professional assistance is required.

The R-connect service center performs hardware and software repairs of the entire line of Lenovo smartphones. The list of services provided includes:

  • modular housing repair/replacement;
  • chip recovery;
  • installing a new display, buttons, speakers, microphone, cameras, etc.;
  • firmware;
  • restoring the phone’s functionality after water gets inside the case;
  • installing the necessary software, etc.

phone repair (Lenovo) Lenovo

Price for Lenovo phone repair

One of the most important stages in any restoration work is considered to be the primary diagnosis. Thanks to it, the master can assess the overall condition of the phone, the performance of all systems and determine the cause of failure. The information obtained allows you to create an optimal list of repair activities, the cost of which is indicated in the public price list.

Services Price, RUB (*Prices are shown without the cost of spare parts. The final cost is determined after the diagnosis. The cost of repairs is always agreed with the client. Repairs are not performed without the client’s consent.)
mobile phone diagnostics free
replacing the housing 800
case repair 500
button replacement/repair 500
replacing the screen 1000
connector replacement/repair (30min — 1 day) 600
changing the software 800 (from 30 minutes to a day)
repair a flooded phone 1500-2500
replacing/repairing the camera module 800
replacing the speaker/microphone 600
replacing the keyboard 800
motherboard repair 1500

Why choose “P-connect” for Lenovo phone repair

During its operation, the R-connect service center has developed an extensive customer base. This is primarily due to the high professionalism of the employees. The management of the service closely monitors the maintenance of their skills at a high level and therefore regularly conducts advanced training courses. Thanks to them, specialists get new information and learn to apply new techniques for repairing high-tech equipment.

In addition, the service center has the following advantages::

  • technological equipment;
  • the ability to replace failed parts with original spare parts;
  • transparent pricing policy;
  • warranty obligations.

You can get answers to all your questions by calling +7 (473) 264-72-72 or by ordering a callback on the website using a special form.

Смена ПОот 1200
Восстановление загрузчикаот 2000
Чистка тачскрина/дисплея от пылиот 1500
Замена задней крышкиот 1200
Замена платыот 1200
Ремонт антенныот 1200
Замена/ремонт микрофонаот 600
Ремонт коннектора шлейфа материнской платыот 800
Восстановление шлейфа материнской платыот 1000
Замена разъема simот 2000
Замена АКБот 600
Восстановление АКБот 800
Замена тачскринаот 1500
Замена дисплеяот 1500
Замена дисплейного модуляот 1500
Замена корпусаот 1000
Ремонт корпусаот 600
Замена/ремонт кнопкиот 600
Замена/ремонт разъемаот 1200
Ремонт модуля камерыот 1200
Замена/ремонт динамикаот 800
Ремонт материнской платыот 3000
Ремонт телефона, попавшего в водуот 3000

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