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Smartphone repair service center

R-CONNECT is a service center that occupies one of the leading positions among organizations that repair mobile and cellular phones in Voronezh. We offer you a very wide range of services: from electrical repairs to data recovery from broken phones.



Repair prices:

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Services Product price category
up to 5000 p 5000-10000 from 10000
  Nokia c5, C3, Samsung S5230, lg gf 540 Huawei, HTC (htc may be problematic, then the price may be higher Samsung galaxy (i9300), nokia n9, lumia 800-920, htc one x
mobile phone diagnostics*free of charge when performing repairs 300 300 300
case replacement * 500 800 1000
case repair * 300 500 800
button replacement/repair * 300 500 800
replacing the screen * 800 1000 1500
connector replacement/repair (30min – 1day) 600 600 600
changing the software 800 (from 30 minutes to a day)
changing HTC, Nokia Lumia, Alcatel software 1200 (within 3 days)
repair of flooded * 1200-2000 1500-2500 2000-3000
replacing/repairing the camera module * 500 800 1000
replacing the speaker/microphone * 600 600 600
replacing the keyboard * 500 800 1000
motherboard repair * 500 1500 2000
Unlock  500    
saving data 600    
*prices are shown without the cost of spare parts. The final cost is determined after the diagnosis. The cost of repairs is always agreed with the client. Repairs are not performed without the client’s consent.


We will fix any malfunction of your phone

Breakdowns of modern smartphones occur for various reasons. The most banal is a fall from a height, as a result of which cracks appear on the case and screen, there are problems with sound, controls stop working, etc. In these cases, replacement of damaged parts is required. Case details, screen and other elements are changed in the shortest possible time. We have a large stock of original components for all the most common models of cell phones, so the masters have the opportunity to immediately replace the broken parts with new ones.

Another “favorite” failure is drowning or getting wet. Such a problem can lead to damage to the phone and the inability to restore it further. If this happens, you need to contact us immediately. We repair cell phones after they get liquid only if we are sure that this is really possible and the phone will not stop working again in just a few days. We value our reputation as a reliable service center that performs high-quality repairs, so we always honestly warn customers if repairs are not appropriate.

If the device is slower, doesn’t respond well to commands, or freezes, then its software is most likely to crash. We perform SOFTWARE updates, firmware, and Troubleshooting of any smartphones. Most often, this work can be done in your presence in just 15-30 minutes.

The Master must perform diagnostics and specify the repair period.

R-CONNECT is reliable and profitable

The high professionalism of our craftsmen combined with the use of original components allows us to provide a long-term guarantee for the services rendered. In most cases, the mobile device is restored within a few hours, so our customers quickly get it back. We have affordable prices for repairs of any complexity. They are fixed in the price list, which each client can always read on the website or directly in the SC.

Our specialists are ready to answer any of your questions and advise you about the services provided and their cost at the contacts indicated on the site.


The price of the repair:


Services Price, RUB,
Diagnostics free
changing mobile phone software (firmware) * 600-800
Restoring the bootloader 1150
dust cleaning under the touch screen/display 800-1500
replacing the back cover 600
replacing the Board 1000
antenna repair 800-1000
microphone replacement/repair 800
repair of the Board loop connector 800-1200
Restoring the loop 1000
replacing the sim connector 1200
battery replacement 600
Battery recovery 500
replacing the touchscreen 1500
replacing the display 1500
replacing the display module 1500
replacing the housing 1000-1800
case repair 300-1000
button replacement/repair 1000-1800
connector replacement/repair 800-1200
camera module repair 700-1500
speaker replacement/repair 1000-1500
mobile phone motherboard repair 1000-2000
repair of a flooded mobile phone from 1500

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