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Computer repair in Voronezh: automated service center "R-CONNECT»

computer Repair

“R-CONNECT” – a company that provides services for the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of computers

Sooner or later, crashes occur on any computer device. A modern computer is a rather complex mechanism that requires special knowledge to maintain and repair, so we recommend contacting specialists with extensive experience who can fix any problem.

Only specialists working in specialized service companies can help you get rid of a breakdown without allowing the problem to “grow”.

Computer repair services

Authorized service center “R-CONNECT” provides the following computer repair services:

  • diagnostics;
  • installing licensed programs;
  • SOFTWARE configuration;
  • information recovery;
  • checking for viruses;
  • installing antivirus software;
  • repair of computer elements that have failed;
  • PC upgrade;
  • maintenance work and much more.

Prices for computer repairs in R-connect»:

Services Price, RUB Warranty
Computer system unit diagnostics 500  
PC build 1000 2 months
build a gaming PC 2500 2 months
Installing components in the housing 550 2 months
Installing the motherboard in the case 900 2 months
Installing the driver 200 14 days
Updating the motherboard BIOS 500 1 month
replacing the BIOS battery 500 3 months
cleaning the system unit from dust, lubricating the fans 800 6 months
Restoring the motherboard BIOS 1000 1 month
Chip soldering from 1200 2 months
Repair of the motherboard (including soldering capacitors, restoring tracks) from 1000 2 months
Power supply repair From 1500 2 months
Video card repair from 2000 2 months
Creating partitions on a new hard disk 200 1 month
Creating partitions on a hard disk with existing information 800 1 month
HDD formatting 800 1 month
Configuring BIOS settings 250 1 month
File system error correction (Scan Disk, MBR recovery) 1800 1 month
Saving information from the hard disk from 1000 to 2500 1 month
Comprehensive personal computer prevention (includes complete disassembly, dusting, fan lubrication, and operating system prevention) 2000 1 month
Recovery of information from the hard disk from 2500 1 month
Restoring the OS kernel 1200 1 month
Fixing registry errors 800 1 month
treatment for computer viruses from 1000 1 month
Installing the program 500 1 month
Installation of Windows 7/10 OS in combination with office programs, programs for viewing videos, music, recording discs, archivers, Internet settings (if the client has a license) 1200 1 month
Installation of Windows XP OS in combination with office programs, programs for viewing videos, music, recording discs, archivers, Internet settings (if the Client has a license) 2000 1 month
Operating system prevention: deleting temporary files, deleting unused programs (PCs) 1000 1 month
The installation of specialized programs from 1000 1 month

The most common causes of computer failure

computer repair

The Main causes of computer failure include:

  • overheating of the device components – may occur due to the fact that the cooling system was assembled incorrectly, and therefore the components will wear out more quickly;
  • regular voltage drops significantly reduce the service life of the equipment. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using a network filter that saves the computer from surges in the supply voltage.
  • thunderstorms – during these periods, the computer may fail completely or partially. At this time, you must turn off your computer and Internet access.
  • mechanical impact – this includes falls, impacts, and other mechanical impacts. This may cause damage to the display, serious damage to components, etc.

Processor malfunction

The processor is called the “heart of the computer” – it is such a complex device that it is impossible to distinguish clear symptoms of problems with the processor.

To determine the faulty processor can be as follows:

  • the motherboard does not start;
  • does not boot from the hard disk;
  • The PC is systematically rebooted;
  • Windows does not install or load;
  • the program may return an error when running;
  • the processor and its power supply parts on the motherboard are very hot.

The Processor may burn out due to incorrect Assembly, bent socket pins on the motherboard, or the part itself, causing a short circuit. In this case, it must be replaced with a new one. It is not recommended to check the processor malfunction at home, since a burned part can “burn” the motherboard.

Computer memory problems

computer repair reliably

Signs Of poor memory include:

  • the computer refuses to boot;
  • there are regular crashes that cause a blue screen to appear in Windows and applications.

Memory problems can be solved by using the diagnostics service in the automated service center “R-CONNECT”. Special tests are performed on the motherboard. We recommend replacing faulty memory.

Motherboard: malfunctions

The motherboard may not work for the following reasons:

  • the computer does not turn on or turn on, but no boot occurs;
  • not working: USB port, sound card, USB keyboard and mouse;
  • cold processor;
  • Windows won’t load or install, and the processor is overheating.

If the BIOS of the motherboard is damaged, the PC will not boot and the image will also not be displayed.

The motherboard is usually rarely repaired. To learn more about computer repair, please contact R-CONNECT.

Hard disk problems

computer repair reliably

The hard disk is the storage of all data (programs, personal files), as well as one of the main components of the computer, since it allows you to run the system.

Among the signs of a hard disk malfunction, you can select:

  • the disk does not spin up, and it is not visible in the motherboard BIOS – this problem occurs due to power supply failures;
  • Board failure – occurs due to power outages, voltage drops, etc.;
  • viruses and malware – have a negative impact on the performance of the hard disk.
  • Windows won’t boot;
  • the computer restarts from time to time, freezes, and slows down.
  • overheating – this is caused by a lack of proper ventilation or a damaged cooler.
  • issues regular errors or crashes the program – occurs when the hard disk becomes too outdated and it starts to show various problems;
  • a damaged SATA cable can also cause your hard drive to become unstable.
Диагностика системного блока компьютера500
Сборка ПКот 10002 мес
Сборка игрового ПКот 25002 мес
Установка комплектующих в корпусот 5502 мес
Установка материнской платы в корпусот 9002 мес
Установка драйвераот 20014 дн
Обновление BIOS материнской платыот 5001 мес
Замена элемента питания BIOSот 5003 мес
Чистка системного блока от пыли, смазывание вентиляторов8006 мес
Восстановление BIOS материнской платыот 10001 мес
Пайка микросхемот 12002 мес
Ремонт материнской платы (в т.числе перепаивание конденсаторов, восстановление дорожек)от 10002 мес
Ремонт блока питанияот 15002 мес
Ремонт видеокартыот 20002 мес
Создание разделов на новом жестком диске2001 мес
Создание разделов на жестком диске с уже имеющейся информацией8001 мес
Форматирование HDD8001 мес
Настройка параметров BIOSот 2501 мес
Исправление ошибок файловой системы (Scan Disk, восстановление MBR)от 18001 мес
Сохранение информации с жесткого дискаот 1000 до 25001 мес
Комплексная профилактика персонального компьютера (включает в себя полную разборку, чистку от пыли, смазывание вентиляторов и профилактику операционной системы)20001 мес
Восстановление информации с жесткого дискаот 25001 мес
Восстановление работы ядра ОСот 12001 мес
Исправление ошибок в реестреот 8001 мес
Лечение от компьютерных вирусовот 10001 мес
Установка программы5001 мес
Установка ОС Windows 7/10 в комплексе с офисными программами, программами для просмотра видео, музыки, записи дисков, архиваторами, настройкой Интернет (при наличии лицензии у Клиента)12001 мес
Установка ОС Windows XP в комплексе с офисными программами, программами для просмотра видео, музыки, записи дисков, архиваторами, настройкой Интернет (при наличии лицензии у Клиента)20001 мес
Профилактика операционной системы: удаление временных файлов, удаление не используемых программ (шт)от 10001 мес
Установка специализированных программот 10001 мес

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