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Paid replacement for Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch broken? Did the glass break or did the water get inside? Refer to “F-CONNECT”! We have a paid replacement for Apple Watch in Voronezh. After diagnosis, we will replace them as soon as possible and provide a guarantee.

Paid replacement for Watch

Watch model Price, RUB.* prices are for informational purposes, please specify the exact price. Warranty
Watch Series 1 (Aluminum) 18590 90
Watch Series 1 (Stainless steel.steel) 21500 90
Watch Series 2 (Aluminum) 20900 90
Watch Series 2 (Stainless.steel) 22690 90
Watch Series 2 (Ceramic) 63000 90
Watch Series 3 (Aluminum) 15490 90
Watch Series 4 27590 90
Watch Series 5 27590 90
Watch Series 6 27590 90
Watch Series SE 20490 90

Since the R-CONNECT service center participates in Apple’s paid exchange program, a replacement with an additional fee is possible here. This official paid program applies to devices whose expiration date ends, but there is no damage that is visible to the naked eye. Replacing the Apple Watch with a new one with a surcharge is a great opportunity to get a new model in the same configuration. Thus, you get a fully functional gadget with a 1-year warranty from Apple. Need a paid replacement for your Apple Watch? When you get a new watch, you can check its originality on the company’s website, just like when you purchase a new gadget.

Why is replacing the Apple Watch in the R-CONNECT service center the right decision?

R-CONNECT is a service center that provides its customers with fair prices and guarantees. The cost of services listed on our website does not contain any “tricky” extra charges. We provide free diagnostics of any Apple devices, as well as warranty for repairs.

Apple Watch replacement features

Apple Corporation offers its users an excellent program – it replaces the Apple Watch with new ones. However, there are limitations in this program – replacement is not performed if the gadget is not the user’s fault:

  • if the diagnosis turns out that the watch broke due to your fault. For example, they got wet, used unsuitable chargers, there are internal and external mechanical damage;
  • the warranty period for your Apple Watch has already expired;
  • if there is significant visible damage, non-original spare parts were installed, or there are traces of repair on the Board;
  • there are chips on the screen.

In addition, you can exchange watches in the service under this program if you bought a broken watch in the same country where you want to replace it.

As a rule, the exchange is carried out if the device suffered from power surges, was “drowned” or fell.

Shallow scratches, scuffs – minor defects received during operation, which in no way can affect participation in the replacement program.

Learn more about Apple Whatch

Apple Watch is an individual device that is almost always on your hand and moves with you, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. For this reason, the probability of damage to the device if, for example, dirt and water get into it increases dramatically. The masters who work in the R-CONNECT service center know how much users are attached to their gadgets, so we provide a unique service for the paid replacement of Apple Watch with new ones, regardless of what happened to them. We strive to make replacements as soon as possible. On average, no more than ten days. As a result, you will become the happy owner of a brand-new Apple Watch similar to what you had, in a factory film with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of replacing the Apple Watch with a surcharge?

Replacement of the Apple Watch with a surcharge is a service provided by R-CONNECT in Voronezh. Among the advantages of cooperation with our service center in this matter, we can highlight the following:

  • benefit – a paid replacement of the Apple Watch is much cheaper than purchasing a new device;
  • official warranty – each device that was issued under the current program is guaranteed for 12 months.
  • speed – new gadgets are provided by us as soon as possible;
  • ease – all necessary manipulations are performed by our service center. All you need to do is just contact R-CONNECT!

Платная замена

Модель WatchЦена, руб.* цены носят информационный характер, точную стоимость уточняйте.Гарантия
Watch Series 1 (Алюминий)1859090
Watch Series 1 (Нерж.сталь)2150090
Watch Series 2 (Алюминий)2169090
Watch Series 2 (Нерж.сталь)2359090
Watch Series 2 (Керамика)6300090
Watch Series 3 (Алюминий)1549090
Watch Series 42899090
Watch Series 52899090
Watch Series 62899090
Watch Series 72899090
Watch Series SE2159090

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