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Replacing the MacBook motherboard in Voronezh

Apple laptops are at a fundamentally different level than their market counterparts. They are not only not inferior to desktop computers in functionality, but also significantly ahead of them in many technical parameters. In particular, the MacBook is fully Autonomous and can work for a long time without charging in multitasking mode.

The Motherboard is the main working element of the system that provides such high performance. It typically integrates a processor, power controller, video chip, and ports for peripherals. The motherboard may fail as a result of: mechanical impact,

  • MacBook drops on a hard surface,
  • liquid entering the laptop,
  • using non-original components (charger, battery, etc.),
  • installing unlicensed software, etc.

replacing the Macbook motherboard

Price of replacing the motherboard on a Macbook

Service name Price, RUB. (Services excluding replacement of spare parts for MacBook) warranty, days
replacing the motherboard 2800 90

Replacing the MacBook motherboard in Voronezh

Manifestations of incorrect operation of the motherboard can be diverse, but the main ones are:

  • unplanned shutdown of the MacBook when loading programs that require large resources from the system;
  • keyboard, touchpad, or USB ports failure;
  • appearance of extraneous stripes and spots on the screen;
  • system core failure.

Even one of these signs requires consultation with an experienced specialist. An attempt to repair or replace the motherboard at home is a guarantee of failure of the entire system. The fact is that due to the small size, the maximum possible number of working components is integrated into the Board. Unprofessional intervention can provoke the failure of neighboring elements, which in the future only aggravates the failure.

The advantages of replacing the motherboard in the “R-connect»

Today, Voronezh has the first service center that has an authorized permit from the manufacturer. R-connect is staffed by highly qualified specialists with extensive practical experience. To ensure that their skills remain at the same high level, Apple regularly re-certifies them.

After processing the request, the master performs a full functional diagnostics of the device to find out the exact cause of the failure. The repair and restoration activities themselves are carried out on equipment that meets Apple’s technological standards. Only original motherboards that are delivered directly from the manufacturer’s factories are used as replacements. The service provides a 90-day warranty for a refurbished laptop.

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