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Repair of Macbook Air in Voronezh

In 2005, Apple introduced the first ultra-thin laptop model. At the moment, the Macbook Air line has several models that differ from each other in functionality. Users around the world appreciate these laptops for their reliable build and high technical parameters. At various levels, innovative developments are implemented in the design, which makes the Macbook Air stand out from its competitors. In particular, its advantages include:

  • Battery — the MacBook is capable of working up to 12 hours offline on standard settings.
  • Processor — the system has high performance thanks to the installation of the latest generation processor. Its architecture allows you to work effectively in multitasking mode.
  • Wi-Fi — the 802.11 AC standard supported by the Macbook Air is ultra-fast and has an extended coverage area.
  • Display — the resolution is 1440×900 pixels. In conjunction with led lighting, this allows you to view content with high-quality color reproduction.

Repair of Macbook Air in Voronezh

Over time, any technique wears out, including the MacBook Air. The main manifestations of incorrect operation of the laptop are:

  • key sticking — the result of liquid entering the case;
  • the appearance of streaks, spots, or cracks on the screen is usually caused by mechanical damage.
  • fast battery discharge — this type of problem can be caused by wear on the power supply, damage to the MagSafe connector, or even malfunction of the motherboard.

In any case, if there Are any deviations from the normal operation of the laptop, you should seek help from specialists. Today, Voronezh has the first service center authorized to repair Apple products.

Service name Price, RUB warranty, days
Diagnostics 1500 30 days
Installing MacOS without saving data 1500 30 days
Installing Masos with data retention 2950 30 days
Cleaning your MacBook from dust with complete disassembly 1950 30 days
Data backup 1500 30 days
Resetting the administrator password

*(if reinstalling is necessary))

1000 -2000 30 days
Removing the firmware password

*(a receipt is required to perform this service)

1950 30 days
Replacing the top cover Assembly (display) 1900 90 days
HDD/SSD replacement 950 90 days
Replacing the ODD 950 90 days
Replacing the battery 2500 90 days
Replacing the motherboard 2800 90 days
Replacing the MagSafe charging Connector 1400 90 days
Replacing the I Left/O Board connector 1400 90 days
Replacing the trackpad 2100 90 days
Replacement of the upper half of the case(keyboard +battery) 3500 90 days
Replacing the topcase 2800 90 days

“R-connect” — quality and professionalism

Specialists provide warranty and post-warranty service for all models of the MacBook Air line. The list of services provided includes complex repairs of various degrees of complexity up to the correction of factory defects. After registration of the application, functional diagnostics of all working systems of the laptop is performed. This step is necessary to specify the location and cause of the fault.

The price is calculated based on the complexity of repair and restoration work and the urgency of the order. If necessary, the failed part can be replaced with an original analog received directly from the manufacturer. The service center issues an additional warranty for repairs, which is 90 days.

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