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Apple Mac Mini Repair


Specialists of the R-CONNECT service center perform warranty and post-warranty repairs of Mac Mini. This device is very reliable in operation, its breakdowns are extremely rare, but they still happen. If you have any problems with your Mac Mini, we recommend that you contact us immediately and do not try to fix the problem yourself. We do not recommend resorting even to the services of friends who are well versed in various electronics. All Apple appliances have their own specific features, and only professional specialists can repair them.

We will fix any Mac Mini problems

Our service center employs craftsmen who specialize in repairing Apple devices. they are regularly certified and confirm their high level of professionalism. Thanks to modern technical equipment, we perform Mac Mini repairs of any complexity.

The duration of device recovery depends on the nature of the problem. In almost any case, the repair time is no more than 24 hours. We provide a long-term guarantee for the services rendered. The cost of any type of Mac Mini repair in R-CONNECT is affordable.

Our service center is located in a convenient location. In the case of urgent repairs, our customers have the opportunity to wait in a comfortable room. Professional staff, specialized equipment, high — quality components and minimal work time are our main advantages.

prices for Apple Mac Mini repairs

Service name Price, RUB warranty, days
Diagnostics 1500 90 days
Installing MacOS without saving data 1500 90 days
Installing Masos with data retention 3000 90 days
Data backup 1500 90 days
Reset the administrator password *(if you need to reinstall)) 1000 -2000 90 days
Removing the firmware password *(a receipt is required to perform this service) 2000 90 days
replacing the motherboard 2800 90 days
HDD/SSD replacement 2800 90 days

Mac Mini repair

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