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IPhone screen replacement in Voronezh

“R-connect” is the first authorized Apple service center in Voronezh and provides services for diagnostics, repair and restoration of all models of iPhones.

Our service center is located at 10 Kirova street. it is provided by the manufacturer with all the necessary equipment, so we can offer customers a quick replacement of displays on the iPhone.

Advantages of replacing the iPhone display in “R-connect»

The service center employs only certified Apple specialists who have extensive practical experience. To ensure high-quality repairs, we use specialized equipment that is focused on working with Apple products. The time required to fix a failure varies from 40 minutes to several hours. The price for the entire range of work to replace the iPhone screen is determined depending on the complexity of the failure.

As a rule, replacement of the display module is required for the following problems:

  • display crashed;
  • the touch screen stopped working,
  • black circles appeared on the screen,
  • stripes appeared on the matrix,
  • deep scratches appeared on the glass.

Advantages of the official replacement of the iPhone screen in R-connect:

  • high-quality color rendering is preserved;
  • the Touch ID and 3D Touch functions are restored;
  • only original components provided by Apple (we do not use unreliable analogues and Chinese fakes);
  • replacement is strictly based on Apple technology;
  • free repair of related breakdowns of the front camera, Home button, ear speaker, proximity sensor;
  • saving the iPhone’s factory warranty;
  • the works are guaranteed for 90 days.

Iphone screen replacement

Cost of replacing displays on iPhone:

IPhone model Price, RUB Warranty, days.
iPhone 11 15900 90-360dn
iPhone 11 Pro 20900 90-360dn
iPhone 11 Pro max 25900 90-360dn
iPhone Xs Max 24900 90-360dn
iPhone Xs 20500 90-360dn
iPhone Xr 15900 90-360dn
iPhone X 20500 90-360dn
iPhone 8 Plus 14000 90-360dn
iPhone8 13000 90-360dn
iPhone 7 Plus 14000 90-360dn
iPhone 7 13000 90-360dn
iPhone 6S Plus 14000 90-360dn
iPhone 6S 12000 90-360dn
iPhone 6 Plus 11000 90-360dn
iPhone 6 10000 90-360dn
iPhone SE 9000 90-360dn
iPhone SE2 12000 90-360dn

iPhone display replacement

Replacing the iPhone screen in Voronezh

To use the service, make an appointment for a convenient date and time:

After registering your application, certified Specialists will replace and calibrate the display of your device within one or two hours. If the iPhone is under warranty and was operated without violations, all repair and restoration activities are carried out free of charge. Otherwise, the cost of the list of necessary works is calculated according to the corresponding items in the price list.

Come and we will be happy to help you!

IPhone 13 Pro Max3619090-360
IPhone 133119090-360
IPhone 13 Pro3119090-360
IPhone 123019090-360
IPhone 13 mini2399090-360
IPhone 12 Pro Max3519090-360
IPhone 12 Pro3019090-360
IPhone 12 mini2299090-360
iPhone 11 Pro max3419090-360
iPhone 11 Pro3219090-360
iPhone 112189090-360
iPhone Xs Max3219090-360
iPhone Xs2719090-360
iPhone Xr1989090-360
iPhone X2499090-360
iPhone 8 Plus1479090-360
iPhone 81279090-360
iPhone 7 Plus1429090-360
iPhone 71329090-360
iPhone 6S Plus1429090-360
iPhone 6S1329090-360
iPhone 6 Plus-90-360
iPhone 6-90-360
iPhone SE 21329090-360

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