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IPhone XS Max Repair

iphone xs max repair

Authorized service center “R-connect” offers repair Iphone XS MAX in Voronezh. At the moment, this smartphone is considered one of the most popular and reliable on the mobile device market. Many fans of Apple products were waiting for its release, so the demand is beyond doubt. Thanks to new improvements, the device was well protected from dust, moisture, and unwanted breakdowns. But even the technical measures that Silicon valley engineers worked on can’t guarantee 100% protection from everything.

Self – repair of such smartphones at home is a very difficult task, even if you have certain skills and tools. However, we strongly recommend that you do not do this, as parts that you accidentally break can cause much more significant expenses. Our specialists will carry out a successful repair and return the phone in a short time.

Repair from IPhone XS MAX from 5590 rubles + free diagnostics

Service name Price, RUB Warranty, days
Diagnostics free
iPhone XS Max battery replacement (price includes spare parts) 5590 90
replacement of the iPhone XS Max main camera (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 6300 90
paid iPhone replacement
iPhone XS Max 54490 90 days
iPhone display replacement
iPhone XS Max 19110 90 days

The most common problems with the iPhone XS MAX – what do they contact us with

repair iPhone xs max

Most often we are approached by owners of smartphones of this line with the following breakdowns:

  • the broke the glass on a display module;
  • display problems;
  • failure on the charging connector;
  • the microphone and headphones have lost sound;
  • the face recognition system has stopped working;
  • glass cracked on the back panel;
  • the battery has become faster to spend charge.

All this can be called typical malfunctions for this model of smartphones.

Stages and features of replacing the iPhone XS Max screen and glass

Glass replacement is one of the most pressing issues that we are asked for almost daily. In an authorized R-connect service center, the replacement of this part takes place in several stages:

  • preparing the phone for replacement – for this purpose, the component with the SIM card is removed);
  • disassembly of the gadget – Unscrew the screws, the phone warms up to soften the glue;
  • carefully remove the glass and detach the cables;
  • removes the earpiece, sensors, etc.;
  • processing of structural parts – old glue is removed, new silicone tape is installed;
  • Assembly – installation of parts, screwing in screws;
  • preliminary health testing;
  • insert a SIM card.

Not every iPhone owner is so lucky that only the protective glass is damaged. Usually, the problem extends to small parts inside the case. Therefore, do not rush to think that everything is fine when the phone continues to work properly with a crack. This is not only an aesthetic defect, but also a serious risk of moisture getting inside an expensive system, for example, through a raindrop. Replacing the protective layer and glass does not take as much time and money as buying a new phone.

Self-replacement of glass or repair by non-professional craftsmen can have a number of negative consequences: damage to the matrix, sensors, cables, and touchscreen operation. Therefore, we recommend contacting major and authorized centers in our city, including R-connect.

Other frequent breakdowns of The iPhone X es Max

iphone xs max repair price

Although one of the best screens for mobile devices belongs to the IPhone XS MAX, it is always unavoidable to repair it if it is handled carelessly. People appreciate this model for its excellent color reproduction, brightness and contrast, which became possible thanks to OLED technology. But sometimes there are failures inside the system, which causes the screen to cross out the green bar, and the black tone begins to display incorrectly when the screen fades (or the screen stops working altogether). Usually it’s just a couple of pixels in the matrix that are damaged. This is a feature of the OLED system.

In addition to the fragile glass on the screen, there is another problem area – on the back panel. It can also turn the surface into a network of “cobwebs”, especially if the phone falls on a hard surface, such as concrete, tiles, tiles.

The camera glass is no less vulnerable. It may get clogged with dust or water particles, so if you find the first problems that are already visible visually, contact the repair service.

iPhone XS Max repair service center – why can’t the phone be disassembled at home?

Any complex technique requires a special approach, iPhones are no exception. When disassembling, the specialist:

  • uses only high-quality tools approved by the manufacturer;
  • follows the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • takes into account all the technical features of the model, using the experience of working with other similar cases.

Some masters work at home or in small retail outlets, promise quick replacement of any spare parts, however, with iPhones everything is not so simple. They need specific tools and an understanding of how engineering mechanisms work. Any ingress of moisture or dust during Assembly or disassembly in a small workshop can cause a complete malfunction. In short, the repair of Apple products requires the utmost care and professionalism.

Contact R-connect, we are an authorized service, so a professional who has the necessary certificates from the manufacturer will work with your gadget.

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