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Home » Apple Repair » Apple iPhone repair » IPhone 8 repair » Replacing the Iphone 8 display

Replacing the iPhone 8 display

All types of gadgets experience various mechanical impacts during operation. As a result of impacts on a hard surface, cracks and chips may appear. If you do not pay attention to the occurrence of small problems, their area may increase over time, and the scale of damage severity may expand. Therefore, if such negative changes were noticed on your gadget, immediately contact the service center that provides such a service as replacing the iPhone 8 display. in Voronezh, this service is provided by R-CONNECT!

Iphone 8 screen replacement in Voronezh

IPhone model Price, RUB Warranty, days (if the iPhone is under warranty, the main warranty period continues)
iPhone 8 11630 90

About urgent repair of the iPhone 8 display

R-CONNECT is a service center that has all the necessary equipment and spare parts necessary to replace the iPhone 8 display as soon as possible. The vast majority of work is performed on the same day as the order was received. Therefore, by contacting us, you will not waste your time waiting for the delivery of components, because they are already in stock.

If the iPhone display is cracked after a fall, the replacement is made using original Apple spare parts. This service is usually guaranteed.

About the importance of using special equipment to replace the display on a smartphone

Special equipment must be used to replace the protective glass or any other element located on the display module. This will help you do the job as efficiently as possible and in the shortest possible time. As a rule, this is a thermal air soldering station or heating platform. The uniformity of heating is what helps to soften the adhesive layer and eliminate the damaged element.

Features of replacing the display on iPhone 8

Before you repair your smartphone, the master disassembles the device to conduct a thorough diagnosis and identify all the problems present. Diagnostics is a mandatory stage of repair and is carried out in any case, even if the reason why the screen broke is obvious. In this case, you should determine whether there is any additional damage to the smartphone. It is possible that you will need to replace the Apple touchscreen. It happens that this measure becomes necessary due to the failure of the loop or video chip. Using special diagnostic equipment, the wizard determines the cause of the failure. In “R-CONNECT” diagnostics is carried out completely free of charge.

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