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IPhone 7 repair in Voronezh – R-CONNECT

IPhone 7 repair in Voronezh and other cities is required quite often, regardless of the fact that the quality of mobile devices of this brand is usually high. The GPU, screen, main Board, and so on may stop performing the tasks assigned to them.

Who can I trust to repair my IPhone 7?

The main reasons that can cause problems in the functioning of the IPhone 7 can be attributed to a marriage that occurred in production. Have you noticed that the device has stopped turning on, your interlocutor can’t hear you, or the image on the screen has stopped transmitting natural colors? The gadget crashed, fell into the water, or needs TO be restored or flashed? Undoubtedly, the breakdown of the phone promises a large number of inconveniences and I want to return it to “life” faster. Regardless of the situation that has developed, IPhone 7 repair is something that you need to entrust to real professionals. Namely, to the R-connect service center! Our experts will offer the fastest and most profitable solution to any problems that arise with your gadget.

When might I need an IPhone 7?

Repair IPhone 7 is a rather difficult task, which can only be performed by real professionals with extensive experience. Such specialists work in the R-CONNECT service center. After all, incorrect operation can lead to breakdowns of one or more parts. It is very difficult to determine what is damaged on your own, so our specialists conduct in-depth diagnostics, as a result of which they can determine which part needs to be replaced. This will help you fix the problem as quickly as possible:

iphone 7 repair in Voronezh

  • the image is distorted;
  • the phone does not turn on;
  • no mobile network connection;
  • there are problems with the camera;
  • the phone may turn itself off or restart.

Advantages of IPhone 7 repair in the R-CONNECT service center

The availability of certified spare parts, one hundred percent corresponding to those that have fallen into disrepair in all respects – one of the most important advantages of cooperation with the service center “R-CONNECT”. Thanks to this, the IPhone 7 will work for a long time.

R-CONNECT service center offers smartphone restoration, original spare parts, Express service at the best prices. We specialize in servicing Apple products and guarantee high – quality repairs in the shortest possible time. Our experts have a wealth of experience in solving problems of various complexity.

repair iPhone 7 price

Features of IPhone 7 repair

The seventh version of the iPhone is significantly ahead of the previous models in terms of its technical characteristics. In addition to the three main colors (Gold, Silver, Rose Gold), manufacturers have released phones in red and black shades (Black, Jet Black). The main advantages of the iPhone 7 include:

  • the camera provides high-quality photos, even in areas with poor lighting.
  • The battery has a capacity of 1980 mAh, so it does not discharge completely even after a whole day of active use of the iPhone.
  • the Retina Color display has True Tone support. This technology analyzes the color temperature of the surrounding lighting and independently adjusts the white balance on the screen.
  • Dust and water resistance allows you to use your smartphone in all weather conditions.

This is not a complete list of technical innovations in the seventh model, but even on its basis we can conclude about the high quality of the iPhone 7.

Prices for iPhone 7 repairs in Voronezh

Service name Price, RUB Warranty, days
Diagnostics free -
IPhone firmware 1200 30
Backup data saving 1490 30
cleaning speakers/microphones/connectors/Home button 1200 30
Installing protective film/glass 1300 30
iPhone 6/6S battery replacement/7/8/8Plus (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 3690 90
battery replacement for iPhone X/XS/Xr/Xs Max (price includes spare parts) 5590 90
replacement of the main camera 6/6S/7/8 (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 5700 90
replacement of the main camera 7+,8+,X (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 6300 90
replacing the vibration motor From 5100 90
replacing the speaker From 5100 90

Paid iPhone replacement

IPhone model Price, RUB Warranty
iPhone 7 27900 90

replacing iPhone displays

IPhone model Price, RUB warranty, days.
iPhone 7 11630 90-360dn
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Types of iPhone 7 repairs

IPhones have earned their popularity among the population primarily due to their reliability. Nevertheless, even such high-tech devices require repair services at a certain point in time. In particular, iPhone 7 owners contact service centers with the following problems:

  • speaker repairs are necessary if the device does not detect or transmit the signal correctly.
  • replacement of the glass or display — required in case of mechanical damage. The time required for this repair of the Apple iPhone 7 can vary from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the technical features of diagnostics and replacement.
  • button repair — controls fail due to wear and tear or after the phone falls on a hard surface.

How to determine the price for IPhone 7 repair in “R-connect»

The price for IPhone 7 repairs is determined individually in each case and depends on the complexity of the failure. Each client receives from the service a long-term guarantee for the work performed.

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