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IPhone 10 Repair

iPhone X is the latest model released by Apple in 2017. This smartphone has no analogues in the modern market of mobile equipment due to the combination of advanced technologies and innovative developments of the manufacturer.

The case is made of tempered glass, which has a standard silver color or “space gray” shade. The screen is designed in a frameless style and occupies the entire front part of the device.

iOS11 is powered by the A11 Bionic processor, which is characterized by high performance and energy efficiency. Technological characteristics of the processor are optimal for intensive operation of the iPhone in multitasking mode. Additionally, the design of the “IPhone 10” integrated Face ID technology, which replaced the fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

iPhone 10 (X) repair in Voronezh

iPhone 10 repair in Voronezh

The R-connect service center repairs iPhones of any complexity. Most often, specialists are contacted with damage to the screen. When you hit the surface of the iPhone, deep cracks and chips may appear. Also, damage of this nature can lead to malfunctions in the internal elements of the system. For example, it can be a battery or a display. Other common complaints include problems with:

  • camera,
  • motherboard,
  • the touch screen.

iPhone X repair prices

Service name Price, RUB Warranty, days
Diagnostics free -
IPhone firmware 1200 30
Backup data saving 1490 30
cleaning speakers/microphones/connectors/Home button 1200 30
Installing protective film/glass 1300 30
iPhone 6/6S battery replacement/7/8/8Plus (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 3690 90
battery replacement for iPhone X/XS/Xr/Xs Max (price includes spare parts) 5590 90
replacement of the main camera 6/6S/7/8 (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 5700 90
replacement of the main camera 7+,8+,X (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 6300 90
replacing the vibration motor From 5100 90
replacing the speaker From 5100 90

Paid iPhone replacement

IPhone model Price, RUB Warranty
iPhone X 50900 90

Replacing iPhone displays

IPhone model Price, RUB warranty, days.
iPhone X 21490 90-360dn

“R-connect” — high-quality iPhone X repair in Voronezh

Apple is considered to be a manufacturer of not only high-tech, but also the most reliable equipment. However, sooner or later its operation may fail due to a variety of reasons — from wear and tear of parts to careless handling. In this case, it is strongly recommended not to try to fix the problem yourself. The search for the place of failure requires a complete analysis of the phone, which can not be carried out without losses in the absence of specialized equipment.

“R-connect” takes a leading place among the service centers that repair iPhone 10 in Voronezh. High quality repairs are achieved thanks to the extensive resource base and practical experience of specialists working in the state. The use of original spare parts for replacement allows you to further increase the warranty for the work performed. The final price of iPhone repair depends on the complexity of the failure.

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