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Apple iPhone repair

Apple regularly releases more and more advanced smartphone models to the market. Users appreciate them for their wide functionality, improved performance, and innovative solutions. But at the same time, like any other equipment, iPhones break down, their parts wear out, and all this requires high-quality repairs in the service center.

Most often, iPhone owners turn to specialists when:

  • mechanical damage after the gadget falls on a hard surface;
  • if liquid enters the housing,
  • problems with charging due to long-term use of the battery;
  • incorrect operation of the software, etc.

Apple iPhone repair in Voronezh

Today in Voronezh there is only one service center that has an authorized access to repair Apple products. R-connect not only directly cooperates with the manufacturer, but also has the title of Premium Service Provider. The service offers a range of services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of computer equipment. The list of advantages of R-connect includes:

  • Professionalism — service center employees are regularly certified for compliance with Apple’s repair quality standards. This is done so that the service center can offer customers high-quality repairs of all models of the line of iPhones, including the latest ones.
  • Cost — the price of iPhone repair is calculated based on the results of preliminary diagnostics without extra charges and overpayments.
  • Equipment — the work is carried out on specialized equipment that is focused on working with Apple products.
  • Resource base — parts that are out of order are replaced only with their original counterparts. Purchases are made directly from the manufacturer.

Repair prices for iPhone 6, 7, 8 and other Apple phone models

Service name & nbsp;Price, RUB warranty, days
Diagnostics free
IPhone firmware 1200 30
Backup data saving 1490 30
cleaning speakers/microphones/connectors/Home button 1200 30
Installing protective film/glass 1300 30
iPhone 6/6S battery replacement/7/8/8Plus (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 3690 90
battery replacement for iPhone X/XS/Xr/Xs Max (price includes spare parts) 5590 90
replacement of the main camera 6/6S/7/8 (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 5700 90
replacement of the main camera 7+,8+,X (the price includes the cost of spare parts) 6300 90
replacing the vibration motor From 5100 90
replacing the speaker From 5100 90

Paid iPhone replacement

IPhone model Price, RUB Warranty
iPhone 12 mini 36590 90
iPhone 12 42590 90
iPhone 12 Pro 50690 90
iPhone 12 Pro Max 54490 90
iPhone 11 36900 90
iPhone 11 Pro 50900 90
iPhone 11 Pro max 54490 90
iPhone Xs Max 54490 90
iPhone Xs 50900 90
iPhone Xr 36900 90
iPhone X 50900 90
iPhone 8 Plus 35900 90
iPhone8 32500 90
iPhone 7 Plus 32500 90
iPhone 7 27900 90
iPhone 6S Plus 27900 90
iPhone 6S 25900 90
iPhone 6 Plus 27900 90
iPhone 6 24900 90
iPhone SE 24900 90
iPhone SE (2-gen) 25900 90

Replacing iPhone displays

IPhone model Price, RUB Warranty, days.
iPhone 11 15900 90-360dn
iPhone 11 Pro 20900 90-360dn
iPhone 11 Pro max 25900 90-360dn
iPhone Xs Max 24900 90-360dn
iPhone Xs 20500 90-360dn
iPhone Xr 15900 90-360dn
iPhone X 20500 90-360dn
iPhone 8 Plus 14000 90-360dn
iPhone8 13000 90-360dn
iPhone 7 Plus 14000 90-360dn
iPhone 7 13000 90-360dn
iPhone 6S Plus 14000 90-360dn
iPhone 6S 12000 90-360dn
iPhone 6 Plus 11000 90-360dn
iPhone 6 10000 90-360dn
iPhone SE 9000 90-360dn
iPhone SE2 12000 90-360dn

Where can I repair my iPhone in Voronezh?

Branches of the service center can be found at the following addresses:

  • R-connect service center (Kominternovsky district) — ul. Vladimir Nevsky, 13 building 1.
  • R-connect service center (Leninsky district) — 10 Kirova street

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