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Apple iPad repair in R-connect service center: Voronezh

In 2010, Apple released a line of tablet computers that quickly became popular in the computer hardware market. This was due to the stylish design, high quality and technical characteristics. The broad functionality of the iPad allows you to use it as a full-fledged computer.

A long time has passed since the launch of the first model, and the company has released several more advanced models with improved functionality. But even such solutions do not protect against malfunctions.

According to statistics, most of the breakdowns occur due to careless handling of the tablet owners.

Cost of Apple iPad repair in R-connect»

service name Price, RUB warranty, days
Diagnostics free
IPad firmware 600 30
Backup data saving 500-1500 30

paid iPad replacement


IPad model Price, RUB.* prices are for informational purposes, please specify the exact price. Warranty
Ipad Pro12,9-inch 51690 90
Ipad Pro11-inch 43690 90
Ipad Pro11-inch (2 gen) 43690 90
Ipad 6 24190 90
Ipad 5 24190 90
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3 gen) 55690 90
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2 gen) 51690 90
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4 gen) 55690 90
iPad Pro 10.5 38690 90
Ipad mini (5th gen) 28290 90
Ipad Air 3 35690 90
iPad Pro 9.7 35690 90
Ipad mini4 28290 90
Ipad mini3 28290 90
Ipad mini2 28290 90

Major iPad breakdowns

Apple iPad repair quality

Among the most frequent breakdowns of Apple iPad tablets are:

  • display glass – bursts when a strong impact or fall. As for repairs, there are nuances: on older tablet models, the glass can be replaced separately from the display, but in iPod Air 2, the glass is connected to the display, as in the latest iPhone models,
    In addition, the glass may burst on its own. There are the following reasons for this: factory defects, poor-quality repairs, bloating of the battery, deformation of the case. To avoid such problems, we recommend using protective and shockproof covers.
  • screen matrix – a broken matrix distorts the image, showing artifacts and unreadable areas, or simply stops working. If cracks appear, we recommend contacting the service center. In order to minimize the risk of this problem, we also recommend using cases;
  • 3G/LTE modem – the problem is caused by the tablet falling down at an angle, which may cause the modem module and the Board to move. As a rule, modules are linked to the motherboard;
  • housing – cosmetic dents do not affect the operation of the device. If the impact occurred on a metal corner, it may damage the glass. If there is a gap between the glass and the display, dust will quickly clog in this place. In this case, replace the housing. To avoid dents, you must use a Smart Case from Apple or silicone cases;
  • battery – using the tablet in the heat or cold, as well as with cheap chargers, reduces the battery life, which leads to failure. You can replace the battery at the R-connect service center.

Tablet repair in the service center

repair Apple iPad quickly

As we have already found out above, the main type of breakdowns include damage to the screen, power connectors, and incorrect battery operation. All these faults can lead to problems with the motherboard in the future.

If you suspect that the tablet is not working properly, we recommend that you seek help from specialists who will repair the Apple iPad. Trying to fix the problem yourself may negatively affect the functionality of the tablet.

R-connect is a service center that has an authorized permit from Apple to carry out repair activities.

Why choose R-connect?

The service center provides a wide range of warranty and post-warranty services for Apple products.

“R-connect” is:

repair Apple iPad reliably

  • professionalism – our specialists regularly take advanced training courses in order to meet the manufacturer’s repair standards;
  • quality – we use only original components that are purchased directly from the Apple factory.
  • reliability – the first stage of repair is functional diagnostics of the iPad system, during which the causes of failure are determined;
  • affordable prices – the total price depends on the faults and General condition of the device.

For a consultation, please call or fill out the feedback form listed on the website.

Прошивка iPad120030
Резервное сохранение данных149030

Платная замена iPad

Модель iPadЦена, руб.* цены носят информационный характер, точную стоимость уточняйте.Гарантия
Ipad Pro12,9-inch5919090
Ipad Pro11-inch4989090
Ipad Pro11-inch (2 gen)5099090
Ipad 6,7,8,92619090
Ipad 52619090
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3 gen)6439090
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2 gen)5959090
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4 gen)6549090
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5 gen)7049090
iPad Pro 10.54499090
Ipad mini (5th gen)2729090
Ipad Air 33759090
Ipad Air 44169090
iPad Pro 9.73639090
Ipad mini42869090
Ipad mini32869090
Ipad mini22869090
Ipad mini52869090
Ipad mini 63679090

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