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R-connect service center: Apple repair in Voronezh

Why should I perform repairs in AASP?

Apple believes that service should be performed by a trained technician using original, specially designed for Apple devices and thoroughly tested spare parts. Only in this case the client can count on safe and high-quality repairs.

Apple authorized service center technicians are trained and use only original spare parts, tools, diagnostics, and resources.

Apple authorized service centers provide certified warranty and non-warranty repair services for Apple products. Authorized service centers and original spare parts are covered by Apple’s 90-day warranty, the remaining period of the original product warranty or AppleCare agreement, or the consumer protection act, whichever is longer.

Certified repairs in all authorized service centers are performed with Apple support, so customers can be sure that the repaired product will work properly.

Why is it important to use original Apple spare parts?

Original spare parts are specially designed and thoroughly tested to meet Apple standards. The use of original spare parts is an important condition for safe and high-quality repairs.

Repair of Aplle equipment in Voronezh

The R-connect service center is the first authorized Apple service center in Voronezh. We have a contract for warranty and post-warranty service of Apple products directly with Apple, so we offer only original spare parts. All specialists are certified to repair Apple products. There is all the equipment for repairing Apple equipment purchased from the manufacturer. Repairs are performed using the manufacturer’s technology. Every year, we successfully pass the verification of compliance with Apple repair standards.

The R-connect service center has been awarded the title of Apple’s Premium Service Provider.


To submit your equipment for warranty repair, read the Apple warranty terms and conditions


Apple’s products take the leading positions in terms of sales of gadgets, smartphones, tablets and computers. The brand name itself is already associated with high quality, functionality, advanced technology and original design. But any equipment, no matter how modern and expensive it may be, requires repair. R-CONNECT is an authorized service center. We perform both warranty and post-warranty repairs for Apple.

Reasons for contacting an Apple authorized service center

Any Apple product has a long service life. The main reason for failure is the careless handling of the owners. Most of the problems with iPhones and iPads occur after they are dropped, misused, or when water gets in. A broken case, a scratched screen, broken controls — all this is repaired very quickly. It takes longer and more difficult to fix system errors.


With iMac and MacBook, other types of breakdowns are most common: hardware failures, data loss, problems with the operating system or program settings. Although mechanical damage is also quite common. We will fix any error in the operation of your Apple computer in the shortest possible time.

Apple device repair

Apple repair in the R-connect service center — quality, warranty, affordable price

Service center “R-CONNECT” offers you a wide range of services for the repair of any product from the “Apple” manufacturer. We are ready to perform warranty and post-warranty service. Reasons why we are a leader in Apple repair in Voronezh:

  • high quality;
  • minimum repair time;
  • original components;
  • specialized equipment;
  • specialists with a high level of professional training;
  • reasonable cost.

Our center has professional equipment specifically for repairing Apple products. This is very important, because it affects the quality of work. The duration of Troubleshooting depends on their complexity. in some cases, specialists only need 15 minutes to restore the functionality of your iPhone. The use of original components allows us to give a long-term warranty. We have set acceptable prices for work on the restoration, repair and configuration of “Apple” equipment.

R-CONNECT is an authorized Apple service center in Voronezh, where we are always ready to help you.

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